Dominique Guillon

Dominique Guillon

Real Estate Broker

As a Real Estate Broker, helping families, singles, first time buyers, empty nesters and seniors find or sell a property is a true passion for me. To know that I can provide outstanding service for you in order to buy the home of your dreams or sell your home, is what makes my work exciting and truly fulfilling. The majority of my business comes from referrals and past clients which can say a lot about a broker, wouldn’t you agree? There is no such thing as an ordinary client – not only do I give great attention to detail, I am experienced and professional; In these times of complex legalities regarding home buying and selling, I make it my personal mission to always be one step ahead to avoid any complications during a transaction. Rest assured that as a licensed Real Estate broker, I am here to protect you. My professionalism, patience and understanding, along with strong trade & market knowledge and negotiating skills, have allowed me to grow my business steadily over the past 16 years. Having moved from city to city every two years in the 90’s, I have “walked in your shoes” when it comes to selling your home or when you are looking for one. As a broker, wife, mother of 2 children and equestrian enthusiast, I believe to be well-rounded and can bring a great deal of wisdom and life experiences to my work. I look forward to helping you in the near future! For a prompt reply to your questions or for more information, feel free to contact me!
Dominique Guillon

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